Around Lake Hallwil to the Moated Castle

Hiking tour: Castle Hallwil – Mosen – Castle Hallwil

On a lovely Summer day, we decided to visit a very old Castle 800 years old…. and then enjoy a wonderful walk around the lake Hallwil.  So our starting point was Seengen, Castle Hallwil where you find lot’s of parking spots. We couldn’t go inside the Castle as there are no dogs allowed.  You can go inside where the courtyard is, just not into the building itself. But just the outside of the castle is fantastic, as it’s surrounded by water.

Castle Hallwil
800 years old

Timmy and I then went on our way to the lake of Hallwil and walk around one side of the lake. Took us around 2 hours, as Timmy went for some swims to cool down.

There are along the way few picknick spots with fireplaces and it’s wonderful on a hot summer day to visit places like this.

Follow the sign”Seeuferweg”
Lunch break
Lake Hallwil
Lake Hallwil

Soon we arrived Mosen at the other end of the lake. Now you can choose to walk around the other side of the lake to go back, or as what we did, take the boat and enjoy a lovely and relaxing way back.

Switzerland has so many beautiful places to visit and Timmy and I are planning to see many more interesting and lovely areas.

We wish you a wonderful day and until next time.

Sylvia & Timmy

woof woof, xox