Hike around Elm

Walking tour: Church (977 m) – Gand – Stalden – Steinibach – Elmen – Church (977 m)

Springtime anywhere in the World is beautiful and so today I went to explore a village in the valley I live.

Elm lies on 977m and is at the end of Sernftal. You can either catch a train from Zurich to Schwanden and then take the bus or drive and use the free parking next to the sporting ground.

This walking tour starts at the Church and shortly after that you reach the forest, where for about 30 minutes it goes uphill. You need to love walking stairs, as this part is made of all natural stone steps which are not even and covered in moos.

After a few  short breaks to catch my breath, I finally reached the highest point of this hike and then the rest of the walking tour is casually flat or downhill. Also you get to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and the peaceful surroundings.

Timmy and I found a cool fountain to freshen up and have a little rest before we continued the hike. The next part of the hike was on a bitumenized road for about 30 minutes give or take depending your speed of walking.

Then finally the path goes back into the forest, until you reach the turning point of the hike and need to cross the bridge over the Sernfriver.

The way back to the village follows the river and there your allowed to let your dog off leash. Timmy enjoyed that and went of course into the river to cool down. There a benches along the way to take a break and just to enjoy the moment and the view.

Must say I loved this walk and it took me around 3 hours with all the stops in between.

Switzerland has so much to offer and sometimes it lies within a few minutes from your home to explore. Planning now my next little trip around this small but beautiful canton.

We hope we could inspire you to explore more of this beautiful country.

Take care and have a fantastic week.

woof, woof xox