Day Trip to Zugerberg

Hello Friends

We had here in Switzerland some very nice and sunny days like summer already and so I went on a great Day Trip to a place I always wanted to visit.I decided to go with my car, but the public transport is great as well.

To get to the hill Zugerberg, travel to the Swiss Town Zug, then follow the street signs -Schoenegg Talstation ZBB. Now it’s the choice to either take the Zugerberg Cable Car up the hill, or walk up.

Up on the Hill you have many variations of trekking trails. Some are short roundtrip walks – 1Hrs45min and if your up for it,  take the long route up to 4hrs. Just remember to take a full Water bottle with you and for your dog 🙂

As I like easy tracks where it’s nearly impossible to get lost, I took the “Fox Trail” which takes about 2hrs and 30minutes. This walk is beautiful as you walk thru forests and then again open space fields, where you get awarded with a fantastic panoramic view over the lakes.

Timmy and I enjoyed this walk and he also could run around free on those green fields. Along the way there are some nice picnic spots with tables and benches and fireplaces. From the month May, the High Season starts and the Restaurants open again, where you can find along some tracks.

For more info, visit https://www.zugerberg-bahn.ch

Until my next Day Trip with my beloved Timmy, I wish you all a fantastic weekend and take care.

Sylvia & Timmy

woof, woof xox