About us

Hi, my name is Sylvia Riegebauer. Timsters started all with the Idea of sharing my travel and adventures I get to enjoy with my beautiful Dog called Timmy.  The name Timmy I picked already as a child as I loved reading the books "The Famous Five" writen by Enid Blyton which has in the story's a Dog called Timmy. Fast forward 25 years and finally I have found my Dreamdog.

Now I should introduce you of course Timmy. He is an Australian Shepherd  - blue merle - and was born in Tasmania/AUS back in 2008.

Timmy at 7 weeks old

If you are new reader here on my blog you must wonder why I got a dog from Australia, while living in Switzerland. Let me explain. Myself I was born in Brisbane/Australia and got to spend my first 6 years of my life there. Later my parents decided to move back to Europe and so I grew up more or less overhere between the Swiss Mountains.  As I got older I was getting itchty feet and decided to travel to Australia for a Backpacking Adventure. It was like going back home. Well and so I stayed for 12 years - mainly in Melbourne - and that's when I found my Dreamdog Mister Timmy (as I like to call him).

Timmy in Australia

Sunset in Australia

In 2012 I decided to move back to Switzerland to be closer to my family and of course Timmy was coming with me as he is my best friend. Now we want to explore Switzerland and Europe and share it with you guys.

Timmy's first Summer in Switzerland

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog and I hope I can inspire you and give you tips for traveling with a dog (or two or three) and just get out there and have fun.

Sylvia & Timmy

woof, woof xox